Elwood commends student and teacher for outstanding commitment

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The Elwood Board of Education publicly recognized two exemplary individuals at its meeting on Sept. 26.

Ava Cassidy-Genovese, a fifth grader at James H. Boyd Intermediate School, received a Shining Star award from the board.  Additionally, Carla Weiss, a physical education teacher at Boyd, was honored for 25 years of outstanding devotion to the district. 

Principal Dr. Denise Toscano introduced Ava to the board, praising her on her impeccable work ethic, compassion and maturity. She mentioned that Ava recently helped facilitate a tour of the school for incoming third graders, during which Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Bossert was highly impressed by her natural leadership skills and adult nature. 

“She serves as a model student for what excellence is,” Dr. Toscano said. 

Mrs. Weiss was blushing from ear to ear as Dr. Toscano ran down several of her colleague’s most admirable traits. She pointed to Mrs. Weiss’ ability to keep her students engaged and her meticulous attention to detail. 

“She is a lifelong learner and a highly effective teacher. Highly effective teachers understand that we, as learners, are never done. There is always more to learn and do,” she said.

David Shanahan, director of athletics and physical education, offered his own congratulatory remarks, referencing Mrs. Weiss’ professionalism, respectful nature and hard work.