Elwood announces September Students of the Month

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Four students – Emily LaMena, Aiden McNamara, Daniel Rourke and Natalie Vela – were recently announced as students of the month at John H. Glenn High School. 

The school’s latest initiative chooses one student from each grade and is based not necessarily on academic grades but rather by individual efforts and achievements. By basing student of the month on effort, it will give students who don’t necessarily have the best grades, yet still put in a lot of effort, a moment of recognition.

The four students honored for September are the embodiment of respect, responsibility and positive relationships – all of which are requirements of receiving the award. 

Initially, students of the month are nominated by their fellow classmates who will identify them as students who always put effort into their studies, show desire to learn more, encourage classmates to do better, and demonstrate positive school spirit and perseverance in the face of adversity.

From there, the nominations are sent to the All School Student Council members, who narrow the selection down to two nominees from each grade level based on the number of votes each student has received. The Student of the Month Faculty Committee is then tasked with making the final decision.

The Elwood School District is looking forward to honoring students each month for this prestigious award. Congratulations to the September Students of the Month!