Elwood Middle School students encourage positivity at Boyd

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After graduating from James H. Boyd Intermediate School last May, sixth graders at Elwood Middle School wanted to leave a positive message behind at their elementary school.

As members of local Girl Scouts Troop 192, the students – Gabriela Solis, Kali Marketos, Marisa Scardino, Riley Perinchief, Ellie Schwartz, Madison Vega, Payton Abrams, Sabrina Howe and Lily Brown – dedicated a positivity garden at Boyd on Sept. 20. The garden is available not just to students but teacher and staff as well. 

The small courtyard is now home to an array of perennials such as roses and mums, as well as dozens of colorful rocks with positive messages written on the. Some of which say, “You’re pretty,” “If you think you can, you can,” and “Believe in yourself.”

Troop Leader Nina Solis said that the students chose to complete the project as part of earning their bronze award – the highest honor a junior scout can earn before becoming a cadet. 

“They wanted to leave a remembrance at their elementary school so that when they graduate in 2026 and they walk the halls of Boyd, they’ll see their garden still there.”