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Harley Avenue Students Play Brain Games

Harley Avenue Students Play Brain Games photo thumbnail85763

Students at Harley Avenue had a chance to show off their brain power at a “Brain Challenge” assembly, put on by Hollyrock Entertainment, on Jan. 9.

Much like a live game show, students were divided into two teams, and chosen contestants from each team went head to head on stage. Each group of students had to collectively answer trivia questions. Whichever team buzzed in first answered first, and had the ability to rack up points. The questions surrounded the curriculum students learn in the classroom. Students were asked questions about math, biology, geography, and more.

Every few rounds, students were selected for physical challenges, like hula-hooping or spelling words with giant letters. Team members cheered and encouraged their classmates as they completed challenges.

Students had an incredible time, getting to use their knowledge in an unconventional, and very fun, way!