Collecting Words at Boyd for Dot Day

Collecting words at Boyd for Dot Day thumbnail199846

 In September, Boyd held a schoolwide celebration of Dot Day, based on the Peter Hamilton Reynolds book “The Dot.” Principal Denise Toscano initiated the day with several websites and activities. Students and staff alike wore dots for the occasion.

In the library, school media specialist Irene Kossowsky continued the Dot Day studies by reading other books by Reynolds. For the next book, “Happy Dreamer,” students shared their dreams, daydreams and even nightmares in writing.

The third Reynolds book, “The Word Collector,” was then introduced. Each student was given either a word from the book or an academic vocabulary list and asked to share their favorite words. Each word was placed on an index card and students shared words, just like in the book. The entire school participated in this library activity, with the results displayed in the front lobby of the school for all to admire.