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Elwood's Finest Student-Musicians Chosen for NYSCAME and SCMEA All-State Honors

Elwood's Finest Student-Musicians Chosen for NYSCAME and SCMEA All-State Honors thumbnail215521

Numerous student-musicians from the Elwood School District earned All-County recognition this year from the New York State Council of Administrators of Music Education and the Suffolk County Music Educators' Association.

Elwood-John H. Glenn High School juniors and seniors Anson Kwan (choir), Gabrielle Bouzas (choir), Emma Giardina (choir), Blake Goehring (orchestra), Quinn Hines (choir), Aaram Lee (orchestra), Shannon McGrath (band), Aidan McNamara (choir), Toni Meyer (choir), Diana Muniz (choir) and Kaitie Schieble (choir) were selected for NYSCAME All-County ensembles based on their NYSSMA score and teacher recommendation. The NYSCAME All-County festival usually takes place in November but was canceled this school year. 

“We are proud to honor the musicians selected from John Glenn High School, who represent our finest musicians,” teacher Rachel Nagle said.

SCMEA is a competitive and prestigious All-County festival, selecting students from across Suffolk County. Freshman and sophomore musicians were selected for SCMEA All-County Division 3 ensembles, seventh and eighth graders in All-County Division 2, and fifth and sixth graders in All-County Division 1.

Fifth and sixth graders participating in All-County Division 1 were James H. Boyd Intermediate School fifth grader Madelyn Moreno and Elwood Middle School sixth graders Olivia Charlambous, Gregory Gross, John Haintz, Joey Meyer, Armando Muniz, Jason Scarola and Ashley Show.

Seventh and eighth graders participating in All-County Division 2 were Elwood Middle School seventh graders James D’Angeli and Angelica Viviani, and eighth graders Camila Avila, Peter Bell, Louise Hartough, Raim Kim, Olivia LoBue and Emma Rothleder.

Freshmen and sophomores participating in All-County Division 3 were Elwood-John H. Glenn High School students Joseph Bahr (choir), Gino DiRico (choir), Julia Faria (band), Aidan Hanratty (choir), Joanna Kim (orchestra), Davin Li (orchestra), Melina Neofitos (choir), Nolan Reinhardt (choir) and Christopher Sinelli (band).

Those chosen participated in the SCMEA festivals during the weekends of March 5 and 11. Elwood’s students engaged in rehearsals with guest conductors and students from throughout the county, culminating in a final performance for family members and friends to enjoy. 

“This achievement is a testament to our students’ dedication and hard work and the music department couldn’t be prouder of our outstanding musicians,” teacher Diana Gotzen-Berg said.

Date Added: 4/1/2022