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Team Thrives Through Mock Trial

Team Thrives Through Mock Trial photo
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The JGHS Mock Trial team made it to the final Suffolk County round, for the second year in a row, at the end of March. After a heated competition, the team placed third in the county. Previously to this final round, the school’s team had made the final 16 competitors county-wide.

The New York State Mock Trial is an educational program that gives students the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge about civil and criminal law, courtroom procedures, and to improve proficiency in basic life skills like listening, speaking, and reasoning.

“The students on this team work and thrive together, learning how very capable they are of doing anything they put their minds to,” said club advisor Megan Gieser, “and I’m excited to see them continue to grow these important life-skills through mock trial.”

In addition, the team participated in the island-wide “Law Day” at Northport High School on April 19, and advanced to the semi-finals.

Recycling Pilot Program Comes to Elwood

Recycling Pilot Program Comes to Elwood photo
Elwood has recently been selected to pilot a new school recycling program as a part of the Suffolk Share Initiative, in partnership with the County Executive’s Office.

Each classroom throughout the district will receive two containers to aid in recycling efforts—one for paper, one for plastic. Receptacles will also be placed in cafeterias to assist in recycling food-related waste. Larger bins will be placed strategically throughout buildings so that smaller receptacles can be transferred. These receptacles will arrive to each school during the month of May.

In addition to providing the receptacles, Suffolk County will also share a voluntary curriculum, written by a panel of local educators, to support the program for teachers to consider. Other tools, such as a large commercial scale, will also be supplied by the county so that students can measure the impact their efforts will have.

This program comes to Elwood at no cost to the district, inclusive of the carting fees and all materials. The district is fortunate to have been selected to pilot a program that is intended to become county-wide when funding is expanded.

“I am pleased to be able to announce this initiative just prior to the celebration of Earth Day,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Bossert. “We feel this program will help to develop lifelong habits in our students and staff to contribute positively to the community and environment.

Musicians Play in Prestigious Festival

Musicians Play in Prestigious Festival photo
On April 13, three Elwood-John H. Glenn High School band students performed in the 14th annual LIU Post Band Festival at the Tilles Center for Performing Arts.

Sophomore Hannah Kleinman and juniors Ivan Andrade and Abiola Familusi were nominated by their teachers as exceptional musicians, and once accepted into the program, rehearsed intensively for the upcoming performance in the Tilles Festival band, an ensemble composed of the LIU Post Wind Symphony and exceptional high school musicians from across the New York metropolitan area.

The Festival Band was directed and conducted by LIU Post Director of Wind Studies Dr. James McRoy, and 2018 Composer-in-Residence Mark Camphouse. The Festival Band performed four pieces, two of which were of Mr. Camphouse’s own composition.

Enriching Learning at Elwood

Enriching Learning at Elwood photo
Nine Elwood faculty members and administration were recognized by the Board of Education for the grants awarded to them by the Elwood Education Endowment (EEE) for the 2017-2018 school year on April 12. After an in-depth application and evaluation process, just over $47,000 in total was donated to benefit all four buildings throughout the district. Since the endowments inception, the organization has donated over a half of a million dollars to the school district.

“We have continued to work hard to support the educational programs and ideas of our educators,” said EEE President Deena Purow, “and we are repeatedly impressed by the efforts of the teachers and administrators of Elwood, and their mission to enrich the education of our students.”

Through the initiative of faculty and administration, the literacy, music, science, and STEM curriculums are being enhanced by grant funding. Additionally, the grants also will be helping expand the district’s flexible learning spaces.

Faculty members Krista Albrecht, Keri Barozie, Donna Fife, Meahan Geiser, Karen Gellert, Richard Greening, Liz Held, Vickie Henson, Jason Joiner, Dr. Arnold Kamhi, Jessica Kennedy, Rachel Nagel, Renee Spanos, Maria Trucios, and administration members Pamela Fine and Eileen Kelly-Gorman, were crucial in conceiving the ideas for these enhancements, and in completing the grant application process, and all were applauded and thanked by the board.

“This support provided to our students and faculty is priceless,” said Dr. Bossert. “The funds raised to support these programs and initiatives will truly bring exceptional opportunities to our students, and will continue to benefit students for years to come.”

Voter Registration for Budget Vote on May 15th

Click here to view the Voter Information page

High School Hall of Fame Nominations

High School Hall of Fame Nominations photo
At homecoming 2018, Elwood-John H. Glenn High School will unveil the school’s new Wall of Fame, which will honor the extraordinary achievements of former students and faculty members. Academics, school and community service, public service, fine arts, business and athletics are all criteria to be nominated for this honor. In order to be selected, individuals must be nominated by a school sub-committee or the community at large. Committees will be comprised of members of the administration, faculty, students, PTA and PTSA.

Selection criteria includes extraordinary achievement in one or more of the aforementioned categories while at the school or thereafter, affiliation with the school as a student or employee for a minimum of five years, and having left the school community for a minimum of five years.

Inductees will be presented at the high school assembly kicking off the 2018 homecoming weekend, and will be invited to participate in the homecoming parade.

The deadline for submitting nomination forms, which can be found on the district website under “District Forms”, is June 4.

Notice: May 17, 2018 Board of Education Meeting Rescheduled to May 15, 2018

The Board of Education Meeting previously scheduled for Thursday, May 17, 2018 has been moved to Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at approximately 9:30pm in the District Office Conference Room.

2018 SCMEA Selectees

2018 SCMEA Selectees photo
2018 SCMEA Selectees photo 2
2018 SCMEA Selectees photo 3

Congratulations to all Elwood students who were selected for, and participated in, the Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association (SCMEA) All-County Honors Ensembles, Divisions I-III!



Notice of Annual Budget Hearing and Annual Election and Budget Vote


Continuing to Give Back to the Community

Continuing to Give Back to the Community photo
Students at John Glenn have been making efforts to build upon the foundation of being community service-minded this school year. The World Language Honor Society students in particular are focused on cooking and donating meals to local families in need. These students hold a monthly bake sale to gather funds for the food needed to make this possible.

On March 26, the group endeavored to cook for the Huntington Tri-Community Youth Agency (Tri-CYA). With the direction of honor society facilitators Nicole Gendjoian and Nicole Correiaea and teaching assistant Annie McClintock, students made macaroni and cheese from scratch along with cornbread, vegetables, and brownies to donate to the organization. The Tri-CYA serves dinner for up to 300 people a day, and are always in need of donations. In addition, students also put two meal baskets were together for two specific families in need.

"Projects like these give me motivation to do more good things for the community,” said junior Cassandra Vitale. “These types of projects are important to build up leadership skills, but they also influence others to make a difference."

Awards of Excellence

Awards of Excellence photo
Four members of the Elwood School District community were recognized for their contributions of excellence at the 2018 SCOPE Awards on March 19. These awards are given to promote excellence and development in organizations, to foster human resources development, and to encourage them to continue to strive to achieve higher goals of excellence.

Those recognized include: PTA Council President Kathleen Koster for community service, James H. Boyd fifth-grade teacher Joseph Pace for teacher service, Elwood-John H. Glenn Teaching Assistant Kris Kalinowski for support staff service, and Executive Director for Administrative & Instructional Technology Gene Tranchino for administrator service.

“Elwood is incredibly lucky to have such invested and future-focused individuals as a part of our school district,” said Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Bossert.

Snow Day Spirit Challenge

Snow Day Spirit Challenge photo

During day two of the recent spring snow-apocalypse, Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Bossert issued a Twitter challenge to all district students – to get outside and build an Elwood-spirited snowman or snow woman. Students dressed their snow-people in Elwood apparel, as the Harley Knight of the Month, as Dr. Bossert himself, and more. Children took the opportunity to get outside and be creative on their snowed-in day off. The winners, Kathrine Doerzbacher and Catherine Ruyle, seventh graders from Elwood Middle School, will be receiving an official certificate for exhibiting the most spirited snow creations.

Let’s hope this is the last snow day of 2018!

Multi-Sensory Environment Unveiled at James H. Boyd

Multi-Sensory Environment Unveiled at James H. Boyd photo

James H. Boyd Intermediate School held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly finished Multi-Sensory Environment room on March 19. Multi-sensory environments, which benefit children who need help developing sensory, communication, and motor skills, are becoming more popular in public schools across the country. This room in particular was made possible by many members of the Elwood community who donated time and materials.

Community member Anthony A. Lauto, who worked with school psychologist Adam Goudreau to get this project off the ground, started the ceremony by cutting the red ribbon over the door to the room.

Three years ago, Mr. Goudreau was inspired to create a sensory room and recruited the help of Mr. Lauto, who has two sons in the Elwood School District, one of which is in the district’s special education program.

“Positive changes within a community always require someone to be driving the train, and in this case, it was Mr. Lauto,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Bossert.

All of those in attendance, including Dr. Bossert, Principal Denise Toscano, Board of Education President Julia Fried, Board members Heather Mammolito and Deborah Weiss, were invited inside to see the room and to recognize those who donated time and materials to make the room possible.

“Once a tree grows, you can’t bend it,” said Mr. Lauto, in the midst of his recognitions. “We’re investing in the little ‘trees’ in this school to help them grow—and this room is the catalyst to provide significant therapeutic results for these kids.”

This new room contains state-of-the art equipment such as KETRA lighting, which can change color and intensity, an LED bubble tube, fiber optic spray lighting setups, platform swings, customized wall mural, padded flooring, and more. The Elwood Booster club, as well as local businesses such as the Lighting Gallery, Inc., The Honest Audio Video & Lighting Co., Camber Strategies, LLC., and Impact Graphics donated all of the funds and equipment to make the multi-sensory environment possible. All this equipment can serve to amplify different types of therapy, including occupational, speech, and physical therapies.

“This room took a lot of love and work, and I can’t thank all those who helped enough for making our dream come true,” said Principal Dr. Denise Toscano.

VIDEO: Feeling “Lucky” at Elwood Middle School

Lucky photo

Elwood Alumni Returns from Medical Mission

Elwood Alumni Returns from Medical Mission photo
Elwood Alumni Returns from Medical Mission photo 3
Elwood Alumni Returns from Medical Mission photo 4
Recently Joseph Rizzuto, a John Glenn graduate class of 2011, visited James H. Boyd to present the students with a medical mission he went on to Nepal. Previously, the student council of Boyd raised funds to assist him in completing his mission. As a result of their fundraising, Mr. Rizzuto was able to provide much-needed supplies and health checks to the community of Gorkha, Nepal. Joseph returned to his past elementary school to share his experience with the students that helped his mission become a reality.

The inhabitants of the community of Gorkha were affected harshly by an earthquake in 2015 and are still trying to rebuild their homes. Mr. Rizzuto’s presentation was an eye-opening experience for students, and they were affected by seeing the plights of people living in another country who don’t have access to the resources that Americans do.

Sophomore Science-Researchers Place Second

Sophomore Science-Researchers Place Second photo
Sophomore science researchers Jennifer Wood, Sophia Ciriello, Madison Mullman, Joseph DeVerteuil, Kayla Alers, and Kerri Rhatigan from Elwood-John H. Glenn High School won second place at the Northwell Medical Marvels Competition on Mar. 9.

In preparation for the competition, students wrote a 14-page proposal entitled “How to Deal with the Present Opioid Crisis.” This proposal was presented by the students, alongside 30 other schools from Nassau and Suffolk counties, and judged by researchers, doctors, and experts in the field. This competition was established in 2013 by The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and the Center for Workforce Readiness to encourage Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) career pathways for Long Island freshman and sophomore students.

In addition to their second-place win, the group was awarded $1,000.

Volleying for a Cause

Volleying for a Cause photo

Elwood-John H. Glenn High School students came together to support a good cause and to take part in some healthy competition during the school’s annual Volleyball-a-Thon on Mar. 1. This year’s chosen causes were the Sean Urda Memorial Soccer Scholarship, Save the Kid and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

All 41 participating teams showed up to the competition in the high school gymnasium with matching team t-shirts, donning creative names such as “Elected to Serve” and “Set it and Forget it,” as well as a whole lot of enthusiasm. Collectively, teams raised a total of $3,010 for the selected causes.

Each team competed on one of the four volleyball courts until one group, the “Birds,” was victorious and crowned the 2018 Volleyball-a-Thon champs.

Dr. Seuss Day at James H. Boyd

Dr. Seuss Day at James H. Boyd photo

Students at James H. Boyd Intermediate School celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday on Mar. 2. Students and teachers read their favorite Dr. Seuss stories aloud and also carried poems in their pockets. Some students had written their own poems, while others carried their favorite published prose. Poems were shared with one another throughout the day.

In addition, a member of the community, Mr. Harold Roizman, donated new books to be raffled off to help children carry out the joy of reading. Students enjoyed the day’s celebration of reading and their favorite stories.

Getting excited about reading at Harley Avenue

Getting excited about reading at Harley Avenue photo
Getting excited about reading at Harley Avenue photo 2
Getting excited about reading at Harley Avenue photo 3
Students at Harley Avenue Primary School dressed up as their favorite book characters on Mar. 2 in honor of National Read Across America Day. This day of awareness, conceived and put into motion by the National Education Association, seeks to help get children excited about reading, and to motivate them to read more.

“I’m a boy scout and I like wild and dangerous things, so I was excited to dress up as Fly Guy, my favorite book character,” said James, a second-grader at Harley Avenue.

Students throughout the school dressed up as characters such as the Cat in the Hat, Strega Nona, Mary Poppins, and many more.

World Language Society Members Cook with Compassion

World Language Society Members Cook with Compassion photo

Students in the World Language Society at Elwood-John H. Glenn High School gave back to the community on Feb. 15, when they coordinated a meal donation effort. Under the guidance of teachers Nicole Correia and Nicole Gendjoian, the students took on various responsibilities in planning, preparing for and executing a successful initiative.

The students cooked baked ziti and assembled vegetable platters for the Huntington Tri Community and Youth Agency. They also created two meal baskets for families in need.

Leading up to the event, students were provided with a grocery list and went shopping on their own. Some of the students had never cooked before but were eager to learn new skills and follow instructions in order to help. Five stations were set up for small groups to follow the recipe.

Ms. Correia and Ms. Gendjoian were thrilled to see the students’ enthusiasm and hope to schedule another day of cooking in March.

Local Seniors Treated to Dinner and a Show

Local Seniors Treated to Dinner and a Show photo

Senior members of the Elwood community were treated to a dinner and a show by the high school community service club and the cast and crew of the upcoming theatre production on Feb. 28.

Each year, community service club and theatre students collaborate to reach out to the senior community surrounding Elwood schools. Invitations were mailed, encouraging community members to come for a free meal and a private showing of the dress rehearsal of the upcoming show, The Little Mermaid. Service club members collected food and prepared a dinner, along with coffee and dessert, to serve to the attendees. Principal Burzynski, Superintendent Dr. Bossert, and Board of Education Vice President James Tomeo were in attendance as well, mingling with the members of the community.

“It’s important for our students to reach out to older members of the community,” said community service club advisor Maryann Cabrera. “It helps them become good citizens, and teaches them to represent their generation well.”

The students served the attendees with smiles, and escorted them to the auditorium to watch the performance of The Little Mermaid after dinner was over.

“It’s so special to be able to contribute positively to the community,” said Ashley, a sophomore at John H. Glenn, “and by helping the community, you also kind of help yourself by becoming more aware of the situations of others.”

Competitive Greatness at its Best

Competitive Greatness at its Best photo
The district is proud to announce that John H. Glenn High School has two students from the same graduating class headed to two of the finest military academies in the Nation. Nathaniel Larkins will be attending the United States Military Academy at West Point and Patrick Giambruno will be attending the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. We are so proud of these two amazing young men! Go army, go navy!