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UPK/Kindergarten/New Student Registration

  1. UPK 2024-2025 Registration Packet
  2. Kindergarten 2024-2025 Registration Packet
  3. Central Registration Packet (Grades 1-12)
  4. Home Language Questionnaire (REQUIRED FOR ALL GRADE LEVELS)
  5. Special Education Release of Information
  6. Residency
    • Homeowners - Copy of tax bill or deed and 3 additional proofs of address 
    • Renters - Landlord Affidavit and Renter's Affidavit and 3 proofs of address
  7. Custodial Affidavit (Complete if Necessary)
  8. Parental Affidavit (Complete if Necessary)
  9. Transportation for Students in Foster Care
  10. Chromebook User Agreement (All Schools) - Must be filled out before Chromebooks are assigned to student(s).
  11. Athletics (9-12 graders need to complete if participating in sports)
  12. Migrant Education Pre-Screening Form (English & Spanish)
  13. Private School Registration Information