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First Graduate Earns AP Capstone Diploma

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This June, Elwood-John H. Glenn High School was proud to recognize our first graduating senior to earn an AP Capstone™ Diploma, Jared Albert. John Glenn is in its second year of offering the AP Capstone™ program which has been spearheaded by teachers Garrett Chesnoff and Richard Greening. 


The AP Capstone™ diploma program is based on the completion of two year-long courses, AP Seminar and AP Research. In addition to receiving a score of three or higher on both Capstone™ exams, students must also receive a score of three or higher on four additional AP exams. Jared surpassed this requirement by taking and excelling in seven additional AP courses. To earn this distinction, Jared spent the year independently researching the effects of education on public opinion of stem cell funding. At the end of the year, Jared synthesized his results through the submission of an academic research paper and an oral defense of his findings to a panel of judges. 


Jared's teacher, Mr. Greening, described Jared as, "passionately curious and self motivated." We wish Jared all the best as he continues his studies at Ohio State in the fall.

Superintendents Website Message August 2019

Dear Parents and Community Members,

On behalf of the entire administration and Board of Education, thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Elwood School District. This website contains a wealth of information relating to district news, events, student achievements and important announcements. Please visit this site regularly to stay updated on the latest happenings – we have a great deal to acknowledge and celebrate.

As we begin the 2019-20 school year, I look forward to building upon our continued success. As you know, last year was one of great achievement for our district. Our high school was named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and students continued to excel – not only in the classroom, but in their artistic, athletic and extracurricular pursuits. Through ongoing professional development and an emphasis on peer collaboration, our district has seen tangible growth in reading, writing and mathematics at the elementary level, as well as in student performance on NYS Regents and Advanced Placement exams.   All stakeholders are committed to continue to build on this growth while providing the highest quality education for every student. 

A number of staff members have been immersed in writing new curriculum over the summer, and we have several, meaningful professional development days planned for our teachers throughout the year.  Faculty and staff members use this time to learn best practices, collaborate with one another and refine the way in which they structure their lessons for students.  This collective engagement helps to bring consistency and continuity to our ever evolving 21st Century programs.  Elwood teachers and students have embraced the use of technology, hands-on learning experiences and the ability to work with one another. I am grateful to the community for its continued support of our operating budget, which allows us to offer these rich instructional opportunities.

In closing, I wish all Elwood families a wonderful school year. I look forward to our hallways coming alive once more with the excitement that each school year brings. Thank you for your support and the opportunity to serve as your Superintendent of Schools.  As we often say: “The race for excellence has no finish line.”  While we are in the midst of the race…we believe we are well ahead of the pack.


Dr. Kenneth Bossert
Superintendent of Schools

Special Board of Education Meeting to be held on Monday, August 5, 2019 at 5:00pm

There is a Special Board of Education Meeting scheduled for Monday, August 5, 2019 to be held in the District Office Conference Room located in Elwood Middle School.

Executive Session 5:00 p.m.

It is anticipated that the Board will not be considering any actions in Open Session at this meeting.

Pollinator Garden at Harley Avenue

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During the last week of school, second grade students from Mrs. Schombs’ and Mrs. Miller’s class helped start a pollinator garden in the Harley Avenue courtyard. High school technology students in Mr. McGuire’s production systems class built the planter boxes for our students earlier in the month.

Planting native plants throughout the district is part of the Long Island Biodiversity Conservation grant that was given to the district from the Elwood Education Endowment.

Students planted butterfly weed & milkweed to attract monarch butterflies & fennel for black swallowtails. Students and teachers alike are excited to return in September to check for caterpillars, chrysalises, and butterflies.

Ecology Workshops to Incorporate Nature

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During the week of July 15th, Elwood teachers Lori Fornaro and Kevin Richards participated in the Greentree Foundation’s eighth annual Teacher Ecology Workshop. Teachers participated in lectures, field-based programs and hands-on learning experiences designed to enhance their knowledge of Long Island’s natural world and introduce ways to incorporate nature into science curricula in Elwood.

“The Greentree experience has provided me with so many ideas for outdoor science-based activities,” Mrs. Fornaro stated. “I’m excited to share my new knowledge of Long Island's environment, which will make our Living Environment class discussions more relevant and meaningful to my students.” Mrs. Fornaro and Mr. Richards will continue their studies throughout the school year by attending Saturday field trips across Long Island.