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Special Reports:


Water Testing:

Since the spring of 2016, the district has been providing updates to the community in regards to water testing throughout the schools.

Our most recent testing took place in June, 2021. Sampling of potable water outlets (water outlets used for cooking or drinking) was performed by our environmental consulting and testing firm. In an abundance of caution, the district also sampled non-potable outlets (water outlets not designated for cooking or drinking) throughout the school buildings. While not typically used as drinking water, it was decided that the sampling of these non-potable outlets be performed in the rare instance that a child might use them for drinking.

Included in the links below are the results of the water sampling from each of our school buildings. Any outlet which revealed concentrations of lead above the New York State’s action level of 15 parts per billion has been removed from service or otherwise restricted until a proper action and/or remediation is performed.

We will continue to keep you updated with any important information, as the health and safety of our students and staff is the district's top priority.