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John Glenn HS graduates take first steps towards future

John Glenn HS graduates take first steps towards future  thumbnail176061

Clad in blue and white caps and gowns, soon-to-be Elwood-John H. Glenn High School alumni proudly made their way to their seats to celebrate a well-deserved graduation on Aug. 7.

During each of the four ceremonies, Principal Carisa Burzynski applauded the graduates on their impeccable character, work ethic, resiliency and strength. She mentioned that no one could have anticipated what the last few months of the graduates’ high school careers would look like, but commended them on staying true to themselves and holding on to dreams of the future.

“Even though these past few months have been filled with great challenges, I know your future holds happiness and blessings ahead,” she said. “As you head out on your journey, remember that the rear view mirror in a car is much smaller than the windshield. That is because where you are headed is more important than what is behind you. With that, when looking in your rear view mirror, may you always reflect fondly on the memories that you made during your years in the Elwood School District and as you look out your proverbial windshield, may you be excited for what lies ahead and go confidently in pursuit of your dreams.”

Student speakers, valedictorian Matthew McNierney, salutatorian Michael Browne, graduation speaker Felipe Gonzalez and All-School President Zain Siddiqui, albeit during different ceremonies, shared fond memories of their 14 years from Harley Avenue Primary School to John Glenn High School. Each congratulated their fellow graduates and wished them much success in their future endeavors.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Bossert was equally as excited to congratulate the soon-to-be alumni. Praising them on their ability to overcome obstacles, he said, “No one could have predicted the unique and dare I say unprecedented challenges and obstacles this class has faced in order to celebrate commencement today. The qualities of perseverance that you have demonstrated as a class have carried you through. Courage, friendship, a sense of community. We wish you well today. Confident that you have the tools, talent and passion to make positive contributions to our community and society. While changing the world is a lofty goal and a difficult task, making small, positive contributions will begin to imprint the incremental change that will indeed make the world a better place.”

To conclude each ceremony, and officially dub the graduates as John H. Glenn High School alumni, student representatives led the class in the symbolic tassel exchange. The Class of 2020 could hardly wait to toss their caps into the air, signifying their departure from high school. As they processed out, each member of the Class of 2020 took their first steps towards the future. Congratulations!