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Sixth Graders Channel Shakespeare

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Sixth-grade students at Elwood Middle School celebrated the end of October with a choral reading for administrators and parents in honor of their completed unit of study on William Shakespeare and his famous poem, “Song of the Witches.”

Leading up to the main event, the classes prepared by reading a biography of William Shakespeare and his poem. They watched a scene from Macbeth which showed witches reciting the poem and learned new vocabulary found within the poem.

The students then practiced chorally reading Shakespeare’s poem and created their own, which was inspired by his piece. They used technology to publish their writing and turned it into beautiful artwork. The poems were placed on display in the hallways.  

During the choral reading, the students recited their poetry to the audience in honor of the hard work that they put into the unit.

Reading Specialists Nicole Litterello and Karen Maggio said that the students absolutely loved the project and were very proud of their final pieces.

“This was a great way for the students to practice reading fluently and to show them that the hard work that they did was meaningful,” said Ms. Litterello. “It was a positive, rewarding experience for all.”