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School Honors 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

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Elwood Middle School students had the unique opportunity to hear from local veterans and military representatives on Dec. 7, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Sponsored by the school’s Knights of Good, the all-day event allowed social studies classes to get a closer look at the personal experiences of those that have served.

Classes gathered in the auditorium where recruiters and veterans from World War II to current day introduced themselves and stated a brief overview about their history with the military. Students also viewed a video that featured Pearl Harbor veterans speaking about the time period and their personal thoughts on freedom.

Facilitated by guidance counselor Todd Schwartz, the veterans answered questions submitted by students. During the morning presentation, several veterans that served in the Vietnam war discussed how it felt to get drafted. They also reflected on how Vietnam veterans were treated after returning from the war.

At the conclusion of the assembly, Mr. Schwartz urged students to learn from the veterans of today and current military members.

“Take advantage, have conversations and learn something about the history of your country,” said Schwartz. “Maybe it will shape and change you to make our country a better place.