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A Demonstration of Musical Excellence

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Thirty student-musicians in the district have been selected to participate in the Suffolk County Music Educator’s Association (SCMEA) All-County Festival. Students were selected for this honor based on their New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) scores, as well as teacher recommendations. At the festival in March, Elwood students will have the opportunity to perform with their peers and the top student-musicians from across Suffolk County.
Congratulations to the following students on this outstanding achievement:

Elwood-John H. Glenn High School
Ivan Andrade, Band, III West
Makenzy Chaikin, Chorus, III West
Elizabeth Choi, Orchestra, III West
Jordan Curiale, Chorus, III West
Emily Ilovsky, Chorus, III West
Gregson Pigott, Chorus, III West
Alexandra Vallejos, Chorus, III West
Kira Williams, Chorus, III West

Elwood Middle School
Esaia Bell, Band, I West
Ryan Boody, Chorus, II West
Hailey Ebinger, Chorus, II West
Keefe Elmendorf, Band, II West
Braden Gastaldi, Chorus, I West
Hannah Kleinman, Orchestra, II West
Sarah Koemer, Chorus, I West
Anson Kwan, Chorus, I West
Melissa Mandel, Chorus, II West
Aidan McNamara, Chorus, I West
Caitriona Meehan, Chorus, II West
Daniel Mullan, Band, II West; Chorus, II West
Rithika Narayan, Orchestra, II West
Alison Pelkonen, Band, II West
Kaitlyn Schieble, Chorus, I West
Zain Siddiqui, Band, II West
William Tella, Band, II West

James H. Boyd Intermediate School
Blake Goehring, Orchestra, I West
Emma Kaplan, Chorus, I West
Aram Lee, Orchestra, I West
Genaveva Musgrove, Chorus, I West
Jaden Song, Orchestra, I West
Maya Tallo, Orchestra, I West