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Readers and reporters at James H. Boyd

Readers and reporters at James H. Boyd photo thumbnail81540
On Oct. 11, four students from James H. Boyd Intermediate School in the Elwood Union Free School District will be traveling into New York City to interview author Anthony Horowitz for Kidsday—the kid-written section of Newsday. 

Students from room 412 were submitted as potential reporters by their teacher. After being selected, the class was narrowed down to four students to perform the assigned task—reading and critiquing pre-released copies of Horowitz’s new book in the Alex Rider series, Never Say Die. Students also prepared interview questions to ask the author in person.

Students Gabrielle Crockett, Keyth Jeudy, Yeonjae Lee, and Ethan Levy were excited for the opportunity, and up for the challenge. 

“Our teacher said we had to be able to read 350 pages in a week, but I knew I could do it,” Gabrielle explained.  

The students all gave rave reviews about the book, and were excited to speak with Mr. Horowitz. When asked what they liked most about the book, and reading in general, the students had similar answers.

“My favorite thing about reading is the problem in the story,” Yeonjae said. “Without the problem, there’s no story to read about.”

“And finding the resolution,” Ethan added, “to see how the character solves the problem they face.”  

“Especially when the book takes place in a world that’s different from ours,” Keyth concluded.