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Turning Concern into Action

Turning Concern into Action photo thumbnail87249
EMS student Nicholas Mourelatos was recognized for an exceptional act of kindness by the Board of Education on Feb. 15.

During the month of December, Nicholas took it upon himself to start a fundraiser for a fellow student who was absent from school due to a serious medical condition. Nicholas knew she must be struggling being out of school for so long, away from her friends and teachers, and wanted to let her know she was not forgotten by her classmates. He expressed his concern to middle school principal Dr. Christina Sapienza, and she encouraged him to follow through with his idea.

After the course of a week, Nicholas and his peers raised enough funds to buy her a present for the holiday season. Nicholas made sure to personally deliver the gift himself.

Dr. Sapienza addressed the board to recognize Nicholas for his act of kindness and compassion.

“Nicholas, we’re so proud of you for turning your heartfelt concerns into action,” said Dr. Sapienza, “and you’ve acted as a true friend and role model for your peers.”