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Freshman Get Acclimated to Their “New Home”

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John H. Glenn High School held a special freshmen orientation to welcome the incoming class of 2022 on Aug. 29. High school principal Carisa Burzynski, along with other administration and faculty members, warmly greeted the students and introduced them to their “new home” for the next four years.

“We’re here to help you grow,” said Mrs. Burzynski. “Your education is your ticket to life beyond high school, so never be afraid to come to us for help in achieving your goals.”

Students were also introduced to their class officers, and new assistant principal Corey McNamara.

“This is my first year in this high school, so it’s all new for me too,” said Mr. McNamara, “but I’m confident this is going to be a great first year for all of us!”

Students received their Chromebooks and took a tour of the school with their Freshman Buddy leaders—a group comprised of approximately 75 upperclassmen volunteers who had previously been trained to be role models, and resources, for the incoming freshmen. Volunteers led freshmen around the building, sharing wisdom on the best routes to different parts of the building, experiences with teachers, course-loads, and more.