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Students ‘harvest’ excitement for holiday festivities

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The district's youngest students at Harley Avenue Primary School and James H. Boyd Intermediate School celebrated the holiday season by participating in a myriad of traditional school-wide festivities on Friday, Oct. 31.

The day’s activities began at Boyd, where community members gathered to watch students’ parade outside in their Halloween costumes. Led by the Boyd student band, parents and friends waved as students, faculty and staff members made their way around the assembled circle of onlookers.
Students at Harley Avenue also demonstrated their holiday spirit with a costume parade followed by a morning of fun fall activities at the Harley Harvest Festival, sponsored by the school's PTA. Along with several other educational activities, Harley students tried their hand at stuffing a scarecrow, a beanbag toss, fishing for apples, bowling with candy corn pins and a hula-hoop ring toss.

At the end of the festival, students brought home personally decorated pumpkins they selected from the Harley pumpkin patch and other crafts they made during the day.