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Elwood Seniors Celebrate Class of 2021 Graduation

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The Elwood-John H. Glenn High School Class of 2021 celebrated the culmination of four years of hard work at their graduation ceremony. On a beautiful Friday evening, seniors received their diplomas and concluded their time as high school students. Principal Carisa Burzynski spoke of how graciously students navigated the tumultuous past year, comparing their accomplishments to steering a ship through unsteady waters. “Our students, your children, have represented John Glenn High School in the best possible light,” she said. “While we had to adjust our sails on many occasions, our steady compass guided us through the uncharted waters, and helped us arrive safely at our destination,” she added.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ken Bossert also addressed students and encouraged them to focus on the future. “If you are making a contribution to your community, if you are working in the best interest of others, if you are putting the greater good before your own self-interest, you are acting heroically,” he said. “I encourage you all to aspire to be a hero each day, in your own way.”

Valedictorian Rithika Narayan also reflected on the resiliency of the Class of 2021 and shared inspiring messages for the future. “I urge you to turn your departures into arrivals. Cherish who and what you’ve loved and learned at John Glenn, both academically and personally, and tuck them into your luggage for the next stop on your journey,” she said.

The student selected graduation speaker for the Class of 2021, Brynn Geard, then shared a heartfelt message with her fellow classmates encouraging them to reflect on their time as students in the Elwood Union Free School District. “Without even realizing it, our experiences at Glenn have taught us significant lessons that will help us take on the next season of life,” she said.

Salutatorian Daniel Rourke and Class of 2021 Secretary Kerri Giambruno also spoke, offering words of encouragement to their fellow peers.

In a poignant moment, members of the school choir entertained the crowd with a rendition of “Landslide” after students received their diplomas. As the ceremony concluded, students tossed their caps and were cheered on by members of administration, teachers, peers and their families.