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Elwood Teachers Seek to Enhance Support for ELL Students

Elwood Teachers Seek to Enhance Support for ELL Students thumbnail188483

Preparing for a new school year and future educational challenges, the district offered professional development sessions for teachers during August, including “Basic Spanish and Supporting our English Language Learners,” a two-day course presented by Nicole Gendjoian that covered basic Spanish for communication with ELL students in the classroom as well as ways to understand these students to build relationships with them and make connections with their homes.

“We also talked about specific strategies to use to support all students in the classroom,” said Gendjoian, a Spanish teacher at the high school who created the course three years ago. “There were a lot of group discussions and sharing. Every school in the district was represented, so it was nice to hear everyone’s experiences and perspectives from all different levels and content areas. I think they got a lot out of it.”