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Elwood’s Freshman Buddies Help Ease High School Transition

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The high school held its freshman orientation on Aug. 30, led by the Freshman Buddies club, whose President Skye Callaway and Vice President Braden Gastaldi officially welcomed the newcomers to high school. The ninth graders were reminded that student government leaders and freshman advisors are a crucial resource, friendly faces that freshmen should not hesitate to reach out to.

“My advice, coming from a senior, is to make those connections earlier rather than later,” said Callaway. “Talk to your guidance counselors and administrators. Be a face that they know, because you're going to need them later. As for Freshmen Buddies, you can’t get rid of us so you might as well use us to your advantage. Anything that you need, we are basically always a text or a phone call away. We want to make sure your transition from middle school is as easy as possible so you don't have to stress about being in school. Then in your sophomore year, you’ll have the opportunity to join. It’s a friendly club that makes people feel included.”

“The Freshmen Buddies are here solely to help ease your transition from middle school to high school, and we are one of your biggest support systems,” said Gastaldi. “If you have a question or need someone to talk to, we are the perfect people to come to, a familiar face you’ll see in the hallway. One thing that is definitely prominent in high school is the increase in the amount of activities that you are going to be doing. This doesn’t just include homework or schoolwork – you’re going to have sports and activities, and you’re going to eventually learn how to balance those new activities within your day. You’re going to be taking on a responsibility to manage your time differently than you did in middle school. As Skye said, high school is a time to make connections and everyone at John Glenn is going to be supportive of that. We’re all going to help you succeed and grow in any way possible over your four years here.”