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Elwood Educators Target Training on Superintendent’s Conference Day

Elwood educators target training on Superintendent’s Conference Day thumbnail217687

For Superintendent’s Conference Day on May 2, the Elwood School District continued its targeted professional development work in several different areas, including training and planning for the new enVision Mathematics series in grades K-6, , which will be implemented in September 2022; continuing with training for the new EMS Initiatives program including restorative justice, student mentoring, trauma-informed practices and services learning; providing a full day of mental health training through the Health & Safety Connection; continuing the district’s partnership with the LaKretz Creative Support Services agency on working with students with disabilities; taking time to learn about the new SmartBoard technology at John Glenn High School with a representative from Teq; and exploring the OTIS online professional development platform with Elwood integration technology specialist Krista Albrecht. The day also featured numerous sessions for curriculum coordination including realigning curriculum, updating exit outcomes and working on scope and sequence planning.

Date Added: 5/24/2022