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Board of Ed Honors Harley Avenue’s 24 New Knights of the Month

Elwood Board of Ed honors Harley Avenue’s 24 new Knights of the Month thumbnail218326

At the Elwood School District Board of Education’s May 10 meeting, led by Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Bossert, 24 Harley Avenue Primary School students were recognized for being named Harley Knights of the Month during the 2021-2022 school year to date. Each student received a certificate and a high five from the district’s Knight mascot.

Since 2016, Harley Avenue has selected three students each month, one from each grade level, who demonstrate excellent character and are respectful, responsible and form and keep great relationships, to be named a Knight of the Month at a monthly schoolwide pep rally.
Winners for this year were:

Logan J
Daniel M
Lilly G
Anna L
Lily P
Derek C
Courtney G
Jason C

First Grade:
Matthew F
Penelope R
Daniela R
Aiza A
Ava P
Thomas N
Paul A
Kyle C

Second Grade:
Betty D
Oscar A
Omar A
Joseph C
Francesca L
Leo J
Bennett K
Liam W

“At Harley Avenue, we believe that being a good citizen is equally as important as learning to read, write and do math,” Principal Elissa Millan said. “Congratulations to all of our Knights and their families.”

“I want to congratulate all of our Harley Knights for demonstrating so many wonderful qualities as students and as friends to each other throughout the year,” Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Bossert said.

Date Added: 6/3/2022