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Elwood Board of Education Honors Staff Accomplishments

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During the Elwood School District’s June 9 Board of Education meeting, staff accomplishments throughout the district were honored, including administrators and teachers who have achieved tenure, staff and teacher retirees, personnel with 25 years of district service, and the SCOPE Award winner. The honorees received awards and certificates and were individually lauded by administrators for their dedicated service to Elwood’s schools.

“I appreciate that the Board affords us the opportunity here to celebrate some special members of our staff, those that will continue with us, and those who are departing from our school community, but certainly not our thoughts,” Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Bossert said.

“We have an amazing class of teachers retiring,” said Board President James Tomeo. “We have an exemplary staff of 25-year members who have put in a lot of work, and they don’t miss a beat. Our teachers come in every day and make Elwood unique. We are a very different district compared to others around us, and it’s because of the teachers within the halls. For those tenured teachers, look around you at the people setting the examples. In 25 or 35 years, I won’t be here, but hopefully the next Board of Education administration will speak of you as highly as we were able to speak of our educators and administrators this evening.”

Administrative Tenure
Corey McNamara

Teacher Tenure
Lindsay Brady
Brittany Chalmers
Christiana Dobra
Ilene Fucci
Michael Hoenigmann
Dylan Kilkenny
Laurie Oriolo

Administrative Retiree
Leroy Cole

Staff Retirees
Patricia Biscardi (deceased)
Josephine Castellano
Irene Dougherty
Kathleen Fanara
Anthony Gallo
Peter Janovas
Christine Marchetti
Donna Regensberger

Teacher Retirees
Shari Coopersmith
Eleanor Grady
Linda Halber-Romano
Kevin Harrington
Vicki Henson
Suzanne Hulme
Irene Kossowsky
Beth Noon
Patricia Vaccaro-Scisci
Susanne Woods

25 Years of Service
Kelly DiBiase
Jacqueline Hooghuls
Patricia Iadarola
Christina Kerensky-DeSimone
James Morris
Frank Schiraldi

SCOPE Award Winner

Dr. Maureen Hull

Date Added: 6/22/2022