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Elwood Entrances With “Into the Woods” Musical Production

Into the Woods cast thumbnail256901

Elwood-John H. Glenn High School’s musical program presented “Into the Woods” on March 15-17, an entrancing show that cleverly wove several different fairy tales into one, to the audience’s delight.

The talented cast included Mairead Camas as Cinderella; Angelica Viviani as Jack; Kimberly Reyes as Jack’s Mother; Gavin Krivoshey as Cinderella’s Father; Joseph Bahr as Baker; Briana Ebinger as Baker’s Wife; Gianna Mercurio as Cinderella’s Stepmother; Hailey Schombs as Florinda; Lily Brown as Lucinda; Olivia LoBue as Little Red Riding Hood; Melina Neofitos as The Witch; Caitlin Fox as Cinderella’s Mother and Sleeping Beauty; Nolan Reinhardt as Wolf and Cinderella’s Prince; Bo DeAngelo as Rapunzel; Gino DiRico as Rapunzel’s Prince and Mysterious Man; Maggie Brchnel as Birds, Granny, Giant and Snow White; Shannon Cooper as Steward; and Cooper Knorr as the Narrator.

“It was a successful weekend of performances, and I congratulate all who were involved,” Director Gabrielle Caviglia said.

Date Added: 4/1/2024